Launch Banking as a Service , Crypto On & Off Ramping & NFT as a Service with BlockDance

Supercharge your business with BlockDance’s SaaS solutions to offer your customers virtual banking with IBAN bank accounts, crypto on & off ramping payment and NFT marketplace in few clicks.

Future Proof Solutions to Hack the FinTech World

BlockDance offers a full suite of SaaS products for your FinTech startups to build the best-in-class and unlimited horizontal scalable digital banking as a service service, crypto on/off ramping and NFT marketplaces solutions.

Banking as a service

All-in-one Digital Banking Platform

BlockDance Digital Banking is a future-proof digital banking platform for you to set up an EMI-licensed digital bank and payment platform for you to set up EMI-licenses money services.


Crypto ON/OFF Ramping

Integrate Advanced Crypto On/Off Ramping Solutions Into Your Business

BlockDacne’s On/Off Ramping Portal enables fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat via a fully regulated crypto on/off ramping solution.


Real-time crypto to fiat / fiat to crypto transactions that supports pay-in/out from cards, bank accounts, bespoke Crypto wallet and third-party wallets.

Secure & Insured

Best-in-class security with flexible options for KYC, compliance and fraud detection integrations to ensure safety.

Seamless Integration

Fully plug and play solutions to integrate with renowned or your own crypto wallets for all use cases.

NFT Marketplace SaaS

Set Up Your Own Premium NFT Marketplace

BlockDance’s NFT Marketplace SaaS platform empowers you to launch your NFT Marketplace in no time to mint, trade of collectibles, assets, and securities, with NFT smart contracts.


Offer your Customers NFT Backed P2P loans

BlockDance’s Block-Fi Platform SaaS is a platform solution that allows you to set up a NFT financing platform that offers NFT holders NFT backed P2P loans

Why BlockDance?

Time to Market

Our SaaS solutions enable you to launch your banks, crypto wallets and NFT marketplaces.

Easy Integration

BlockDance makes integration to third-party services easy that satisfy your needs in one place.


Achieve scalability with our modular solutions. Grow your business at your own pace with our flexible options.

Compliance Ready

Our solutions are built for license and compliance regulation requirements in EU and the UK.

Customisation at Ease

Flexible customisation of the platform for your own branding requirements without extra development efforts.

Built for Customers

Our solutions are developed with end customers in mind with a thorough user-centric approach.


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